PennEast Solicitations!

PennEast phone calls

Many people have reported receiving calls from what sounds like a sweet little old lady who wants to discuss the many benefits of the proposed PennEast pipeline.  PennEast is striving to recruit individuals who are willing to be connected to the office of Leonard Lance so that they can tell the NJ Congressman that they are in favor of the project.  I have the number that the calls are coming from:


If you see this number on your caller ID & you’re feeling creative, you could answer & either play along until you’re connected to the Congressman’s office, at which point you can express your opposition to the pipeline, or you could simply argue the merits of what the woman is pushing.

The way we see it is that, rather than the “done deal” that PennEast representatives have insinuated the pipeline is all along, PennEast is feeling the pressure of our hard work in opposing them at every step of their  plan to destroy our land & communities.  Why would they be paying someone to make cold calls begging for support if they have such a solid plan?

Keep up the good work and keep reaching out to  our elected officials!

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