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Eminent Domain – Yes, it’s true…

About 150 properties, that’s homeowners, Towns (including Hopewell Township), Counties, NJCF, and even the State of New Jersey lost in court over eminent domain.  We applaud all of these brave individuals and groups for standing strong. Taking land for an unneeded pipeline for nothing more than private profit is wrong.  Taking permanent eminent domain easements from homeowners and taxpayers for a pipeline that will certainly reroute and most likely never get it’s permits and be stopped is insanity.  This pipeline will continue to be fought hard in the DC court of appeals and of course at the NJDEP!

Pipeline Construction.jpg

ReThink Energy NJ: New Electronic Letter Service Available

Speak Out!

Dear CAP and HALT Friends,

Some of you have already noticed and posted on your social media and websites, but we wanted to make it official and let you know that ReThink Energy NJ now has an ongoing electronic letter service available on its site that contact Governor Murphy, the NJDEP, and your elected officials. There is room for a personalized letter as well.   As circumstances invariably alter, we can adapt the message to meet new communications needs quickly.

We’re posting this on Facebook and Twitter as well as in our newsletters

Take two minutes and tell your elected officials to reject PennEast: Speak Out!



HOPEWELL: Township officials lawyer up to challenge PennEast application approval

HOPEWELL: Township officials lawyer up to challenge PennEast application approval

Read the article on Hopewell’s plans to fight eminent doamin and request a rehearing and Stay at FERC


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