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(Feb 12, 2015: YouTube Video) One Landowner Speaks Out . . . Ken Collins’ comments at the PennEast scoping meeting 2/12/15 in Wilkes-Barre, PA informing all landowners that if they all refuse PennEast access to their property PennEast will face too many eminent domain proceedings, give up, and go home without the PennEast pipeline ever going in the ground.

‘Fighting a losing battle’: Ewing man fears loss of farm over proposed PennEast pipeline


PSE&G cuts residential gas bills

Editor’s Note: From our “friends” at Marcellous Shale Drilling News. The take away we can glean from this article is that gas is currently so plentiful and inexpensive in NJ that we DON’T NEED THE PENNEAST PIPELINE! Is it an accident that PSE&G is lowering it’s rates and attributing gas for our lower rate windfalls concurrently with all the dust up over PennEast?

Opposition greets proposed Marcellus Shale-Trenton pipeline (Philly.com)
Philly.com 2-3-15

“The farmland is forever compromised,” said Charles Fisher (pictured left), whose seventh-generation family farm would be diagonally crossed by the pipeline. CLEM MURRAY / Staff Photographer

“Communities up and down the East Coast are waking up and saying, ‘This is a reality we don’t want any more,’ said Kristin McCarthy, a former member of the Delaware Township Council in Hunterdon County, who declined to run for reelection last year to devote herself to the pipeline fight.
And . . .  “Pipelines are facing unprecedented opposition, from local and national groups, including environmental activists,” FERC chairwoman Cheryl A. LaFleur told the National Press Club last week. “We’ve got a situation here.”

Methane Leaks From Gas Pipelines Far Exceed Official Estimates, Harvard Study Finds
Jan 27, 2015 NPC Luncheon with Cheryl LaFleur, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
NTSB finds systemic problems in gas pipeline oversight
Falling oil prices bring slowdown in shale drilling

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