Maps – NEW! Eminent Domain Map

Map_2-13-2018-StandingStrongAgainstPennEast.jpgThanks to Kingwood Township’s Debbie Kratzer for putting together this map showing the properties fighting eminent domain.

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Construction Maps @ 

This website contains PennEast construction maps broken down by township.  These are for the route proposed in September 2015 filing with FERC.  This is still a work in progress so if your township or land is not on this site please contact us at

Here is a list of important maps:

Posted April 10, 2015: New Route Maps 3.25.2015




Ballfields Hopewell-ProposedPennEastPipeline-Sept2015_BlastZones5-36×28

Posted 2/3/15: Map Showing PennEast Pipeline Routes through Hopewell Twp & So. Hunterdon County — produced by Hopewell Twp, NJ. Shows original proposed route and preferred alternate route.

Link to current interactive map (from PennEast’s website) as of 1/22/15:

Alternate (“Greenfields” version): PE maps 1 16 15

Proposed Pipeline (as of 9/29 – to the best of our ability since PennEast will not release a more detailed map): PennEast_PipelineTotalLength last draft (2)

Maps of Rosemont and Stockton Well-head Protection Areas: Penneast Pipeline well head protection areas (1)

Map of Hopewell Twp and Pipeline delineation: Pipeline_Location_Maps_092714

Aerial Maps of Hopewell Twp and Pipeline delineation:
Note: Same as above pipeline location maps except these are actual aerial photographs, not drawings, with the proposed route of the PennEast pipeline superimposed over the various sections of the township. They were prepared (and likely taken) by the Township’s administrator and engineer Paul Pogorzelski. The following PDF file clearly illustrates the pipeline’s path into Mercer County from the north, to its proposed connection to the existing Transco pipeline off of Blackwell Road all in beautiful and frighteningly real detail.

For the full map on Hopewell Township’s public website, click here.  Again, we extend our thanks to Paul and the Township for putting the photo depiction together and making it available to the public!

You can also access the pdf file from a brief article on at: Tracking the PennEast Pipeline with photos (accessed October 17, 2014)

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