Wildlife Sightings

Capturing and Submitting Your Personal Sightings

We are now ready to accept and catalog your personal wildlife sightings. However, and this is very important — when submitting any kind of media, it is imperative that GEO-tagging be turned on with whatever device you are using to capture this information in the form of videos, photos, audio clips, etc.

Read: How to Geo-tag Your Digital Media

Why this is necessary: As part of the case we will be building, the GPS-embedded tags will be able to prove that if you say you had a sighting in a specific area, the GPS coordinates will be able to prove that the photo or video took or sound clip you recorded was indeed captured where you say it was! This data is crucial.

Email your wildlife sightings to: HopewellAgainstPipeline@gmail.com and add “Wildlife Sightings” in the subject line!

Please be sure to attach your image, video, or audio file(s) if you have any — or any other documentation you have, such as a Word document or pdf file, etc.  And, of course, remember to geo-tag your media (see How to Geo-tag Your Digital Media for step-by-step instructions).

The following is a current list of threatened or endangered species in Hopewell Valley:

Listed below are some rare species on Baldwin Lake Wildlife Management Area listed in the report from NJDEP State Forestry Services.  Also included are links to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation page for each species, including photos, identification, habitat, and so on.

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