NEW DOCKET #CP15-558 How to Register, Comment, and Subscribe with FERC and INTERVENE

PennEast Files with FERC:  What Can I Do?

You can still Comment on FERC, and will need to do just that in the coming months.  Here’s how: How to Comment and Register on FERC

Click to access FERC_Docs.pdf

How to Register on the FERC website

FERC’s website is

There is a tab for Documents & Filing, and in the drop-down menu from that,
click on e-Register.
Follow the directions and fill out the form.

This will give you a FERC I.D. and password (you will need to do this even if you have an e-Filing account). FERC Online will then send you an email confirming your registration.

Go to your email program’s Inbox and open the message from FERC Online. Click on the link to validate your account.

Once you are a registered FERC Online User, log in to FERC Online by entering your registered email address/FERC I.D. and your password.

HOW TO DECLARE TO INTERVENE – a quick reference

For those who are FERC-savvy, the process is the usual FERC rigamarole. You must be eRegistered with FERC. Once you are, you need to do:

Get to Doc-less intervenor Page:

Login -> eFiling -> General -> Intervention -> doc-less Motion to Intervene -> Next

Fine the docket

From there you:

Enter Docket CP15-558 -> Hit Search Button -> Select Blue Cross -> Next

Text declaring your wish to be an intervenor

The next screen is where you put in your declaration to intervene.  State your position – whether you oppose it, are neutral and have concerns, or are pro-pipeline (probably not reading this if you are pro!)

It can be as simple as saying:

“I oppose the PennEast pipeline.  I reside in a township impacted by the PennEast pipeline and have a number of concerns related to the project.  As such I wish to declare myself as an intervenor”.

You can add as little or as much as you like, but you don’t need to put your whole opposition to the pipeline here.  If you you’re a directly impacted landowner or an abutter you should say so.  If you have other concerns you want made known in your declaration add them as well.

Remember this is just a declaration to intervene, you can eFile later on with all of your specific objections.

After that hit Next.

Specify organization or business

Select “As an Individual” -> Next button

Contact Info

Write in your email -> Add As Signer Button -> Next button

Submission Description

Just hit Next Button

Last Page

This is a summary page.  Hit “Submit” button and your motion will be submitted.  If you did this within the 21 day limit you’ll be an intervenor.  You will get an email shortly as receipt of your filing.

After this you can continue to eFile and make your case against the pipeline at your leisure.

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