PennEast Announces They Will Appeal to the Supreme Court

PennEast has announced that they will appeal to the United States Supreme Court by the early February deadline. In an attempt to have the court reverse the recent 3rd circuit decision that ruled against PennEast in favor of the State of New Jersey, PennEast will be petitioning the court to review the 3rd Circuit decision that disallows PennEast from suing the sovereign State of New Jersey for state owned lands.
Over the last five years, we have traveled a very long road fighting this unneeded, environmentally disastrous, and obsolete pipeline. It is gratifying that PennEast has to appeal to the highest court in the land to try to save their failing project. Remember, this is just one hoop they have to jump through. PennEast still has the NJDEP permitting process ahead as well as DRBC permitting, and there is a case filed in the DC Circuit court against FERC (disputing need) filed by Hopewell Township, NJCF, The Watershed Institute, Halt, DRN, and others that is yet to be heard. PennEast – and let’s call them who they are – New Jersey Resources, South Jersey Industries, Elizabethtown Gas, UGI, Enbridge should pack up their tent and call it a day. They are not wanted.

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