Giving Thanks!

HTCAPP is thankful this season for many things.  Chief among them, is the unity of our community members all along the pipeline who continue to stand together and resist PennEast. If not for that, none of the following would be possible.

Things to be grateful for:

1. FERC seems to have caught on to the sloppy, incomplete, and inaccurate work PennEast has been submitting and is calling them on it.  Last week FERC gave PennEast 20 days to supply a massive amount of information, or state when they would be able to provide it. FERC stated:

“You should be aware that the information requested is necessary for us to continue preparation of the environmental impact statement (EIS).”

Much of this information is not available to PennEast thanks to the refusal and resistance of impacted landowners and townships. Bravo!!!

2. The investment community is getting wind of PennEast’s troubles.  Recently New Jersey Resources has changed their signals to the investment community on PennEast.  In July they gave a steady progression of FERC milestones and an in-service date of 2018.  Now four months later they have removed all milestones and just stated “continued progress”.  And most ominously for PennEast, they are now not forecasting a 2018 in-service date.
Read all about it on the Cost of the Pipeline
reThink Energy1
3. Our friends at ReThink Energy NJ ran a full page ad Sunday in the Trenton Times and the Hunterdon Democrat condemning PennEast. We deeply appreciate the commitment of the many people involved in this campaign and look forward to more!

4. We will continue to keep you informed with more community meetings in January.  Attorney Anne Marie Garti from the Constitution Pipeline fight will be joining us to  help folks understand more about the timing of what’s coming, what to expect, and what the general public and landowners need to know to protect their homes and communities  and stop PennEast.

THANK YOU for everything you all do!

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