Come to me DRBC!

Attend Tomorrow’s DRBC meeting!

Date: 11/10/2015

Time: 1:30 pm meeting starts, open public comment during mtg

Location: Washington Crossing Historic Park Visitor Center, 1112 River Rd, Washington Crossing, PA

Come Testify Before the Delaware River Basin Commission or Regarding the PennEast Pipeline Project. Or… just come out to support our request.

Speak directly to the DRBC Executive Director and Staff: 
Tell them you want DRBC to hold 7 hearings along the length of the pipeline that are separate and independent from FERC. This may be your last chance to urge DRBC to expand opportunities for impacted communities to be heard.
The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) has the legal authority and obligation to thoroughly review the PennEast Pipeline project and decide whether or not to approve its construction. It is important that in undertaking this review and making this decision the Commissioners have full information on the project’s impacts for water resources and the community. It is important that they hold their own set of hearings on PennEast, when the time comes, to ensure they are getting all the information and data they need to make a truly informed choice.
As of now the DRBC has proposed that FERC and the DRBC hold joint hearings. This is a mistake. DRBC needs to hold its own independent hearings across the length of the pipeline. 
Over 5,700 people have signed a letter asking DRBC for 7 hearings, across the length of the pipeline, separate from FERC. Now DRBC needs to hear from us in person. 
7 independent hearings means a hearing every 10 to 20 miles of proposed pipeline (PennEast is 114 miles long long)– this means greater accessibility and less travel time for those that will be affected. It also means fewer cars on the road and less fossil fuels burned.
7 independent hearings means less chance of time running out and people being turned away without ever getting the chance to speak, as happened at the limited set of scoping hearings FERC held.
7 independent hearings means better information for DRBC decision-making. DRBC and FERC have different regulations, missions and goals. So, from a substantive and procedural perspective 7 independent hearings are more valuable to the DRBC decision-makers and to the public as it means all of our comments can be targeted towards the DRBC rules and decision-making priorities.
Important Steps to Take in Advance of the Hearing:
  • The DRBC asks that if you know you intend to speak to please sign up in advance by either sending an email to Paula Schmitt or phoning her at 609 883 9500 ext 225. You do not have to sign up in advance to testify, but it is helpful if there is a significant turnout.
  • Plan to limit your testimony to the 2 minute time frame the Commissioners request of commenters and be prepared to focus your comments on the importance of DRBC holding 7 separate hearings across the length of the proposed PennEast pipeline project to ensure everyone has a full and fair opportunity to be heard.
  •  If you have not already signed the letter to DRBC Commissioners urging 7 separate hearings please add your name to the 5,700 people who have signed so far and share with your friends asking them to do the same:

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